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Dulux Warehouse

Projek 3834

Projek RS001

Projek UMS8

Nedbank Reinstate

Projek 14243

Projek GR150


Spur Renovate

Quick Lane

Protea Hotel Upington

Oryx Game Farm

KLK Postmasburg


Home Designer Shop

Tops Spar Keimoes

Demolish old building.

Building new Tops Spar and storage area.

Extend Spar for new hardware area.

Project Ribbok Street

Building a new Balua deck by the swimming pool and extend the patio.

Project 18870

Building new double story addition for client.

Renovation of existing house and change of existing roof.

Project 4036

Finish the building work of another builder that did not comply with the national building regulations and local authorities.

Put a new roof up and rectify all faults and finish the project for the client.

Action cricket new parking area

Demolish existing building and fill up area for new parking area.

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