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Enlarge concrete worksEnlarge concrete works

44 Years Combined Experience

JA Olivier BK

We are a team of professional and skilled building contractors in all domestic and commercial spheres. We offer a wide range of quality products and services.

We believe in not only accepting larger works but are also willing to do many small works. We have a specialist team that does day to day maintenance work.

We provide a service by providing all materials from the foundation to the day when we hand over the construction project key.

We communicate with the local authorities in order to remove the burden from the owner.

Paint Contractors

Skilled, experienced, dedicated

We are your trusted resource for interior and exterior painting projects and home improvements in your residence or business locations.

We provide assistance in selecting and applying paints, painting and finishes to create and maintain a visually pleasing and functional environment to achieve the “look and feel” you desire.

We believe in using only the best quality paint for projects.

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